Ledger Blue

Personal security device

Ledger Blue is the most advanced hardware security gear on the market. It boasts multi application execution, and packs enterprise-level crypto-capabilities into a lightweight handheld device designed and crafted in France. It is architected around a Secure Element, featuring a touchscreen and USB & Bluetooth* connectivity.

The Ledger Blue is currently out of stock.

A powerful and flexible device

The Ledger Blue is the latest generation product from Ledger, result of more than two years of research and development. This high-end device embeds a large touchscreen to securely manage transactions and complex smart contracts. Its slick yet robust casing encloses the best-in-class technology built upon the Blockchain Open Ledger (BOLOS) platform, a powerful and flexible operating system.

Packed with hardware features

The Ledger Blue is based on a dual-chip architecture embedding a ST31 Secure Element and a STM32 microcontroller thus achieving a fully isolated environment. It features a LED-backlit color touchscreen to navigate easily and validate transactions. It is powered by a lipo rechargeable battery and communicates with USB or Bluetooth* devices.

Designed for multiple secure apps

Thanks to its modular architecture, the Ledger Blue runs multiple dedicated companion apps in full isolation on top of its firmware. The strong security model allows to add new cryptocurrencies or apps without risk of compromising the master seed. Transaction integrity is ensured by the WYSIWYS paradigm (What You See Is What You Sign). The flexibility of the device enables enterprise level usage: with all major crypto libraries embedded in the firmware, any type of blockchain can be supported.



    Battery-powered, Bluetooth* and USB enabled, the Ledger Blue can operate with any computer and smartphone.

    • Battery 500mA LiPo
    • BLE 4.1, USB 2.0 Full Speed, NFC (requires firmware update)
    • Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Chrome OS

    The Blue embeds a color display and a large capacitive touchscreen with anti scratch glass, encased in a strong cover.

    • 3.5 inch display
    • Full color, 320x480 pixels
    • LED-backlit

    The Blue is built upon an advanced operating system that supports easy installation of applications, accessible via a quick-launch dashboard.

    • Install & remove apps with Ledger Manager
    • Free firmware upgrades
    • Enterprise app licensing & support

    Your confidential data is never exposed: it is strongly secured and isolated inside a Secure Element, locked by a PIN code.

    • Secure Element: EAL6+ / ST31
    • BOLOS isolation technology
    • 4 to 8 digit PIN code

    Ledger Blue uses WYSIWYS (What You See is What You Sign) to mitigate threats.

    • Malwares, viruses
    • Man in the middle attacks
    • Proof of presence

    The configuration of your device is backed up on a recovery sheet. Easy restoration on any Ledger device or compatible wallets.

    • Built-in onboarding and configuration
    • BIP39 and BIP44 standards
    • 12, 18 or 24 words recovery

In the box

  • Ledger Blue

  • USB cable

  • Instructions

  • Recovery sheet


  • Secure Element

    Ledger Blue is based on a dual chip architecture (ST31/STM32, Certification level: CC EAL6+). The firmware integrity is guaranteed by cryptographic attestation.

  • PIN code

    Ledger Blue ensures only you can access your apps by requiring a 4 to 8 digit PIN code each time you unlock your device.

  • Malware proof

    Initialization or restoration of your master seed is fully done on the secure environment of the Ledger Blue. Your cryptographic secrets are never exposed to the outside world.

  • Privacy

    Your private keys are never held or known by Ledger or a third party: they are hard locked in the Secure Element. Applications run in full isolation, data from one app cannot be accessed by another.

The Ledger Blue runs dedicated companion applications. To benefit from the latest apps and security features, the Ledger Manager enables firmware updates and browsing through the apps catalogue.
  • Bitcoin

  • Ethereum

  • Litecoin

  • FIDO U2F

  • Dogecoin

  • Zcash

  • Dash

  • Stratis

  • Ripple

  • Hello

  • Bitcoin Cash

  • Komodo

  • Ethereum Classic

  • POSW

  • Expanse

  • Ubiq

  • PIVX

  • Vertcoin

  • Viacoin

  • Neo

  • Stealthcoin

  • Bitcoin Gold

  • Hcash

  • Digibyte

  • Qtum

  • Integrations

    Ledger Blue operates with its own cryptocurrencies wallet interfaces: Ledger Apps (free Google Chrome applications). You can also use other compatible software wallets from the following list.


    Dimension & weight

    Size: 97mm x 68mm x 10mm.
    Weight: 90.0g.


    Windows (7+), Mac (10.9+), Linux or Chrome OS. Requires Google Chrome or Chromium, and one USB port to plug your Ledger Blue.

    Microcontrollers & connector

    Connector: USB Type Micro-B.
    Certification level: CC EAL6+.
    Chips: ST31G480 (secure) + STM32L476.


    Zamak (frame) and Plastic (case).
    Contains Neodymium magnets.

    Cryptographic support

    • Message Digest: RIPEMD160, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, SHA3, SHA3-XOF, KECCAK
    • Cryptography Key, with key generation: DES (64, 128,192 bits), AES (128 bits), ECC (256 bits), RSA (1024, 2048, 3072,4096 bits)
    • RSA encryption with PKCS1 v1.5, PKCS1 OEAP, NOPAD schemes
    • HMAC Signature: HMAC-SHA256, HMAC-SHA512
    • RSA Signature with PKCS1 v1.5, PKCS1 PSS schemes
    • Elliptic Curve Signature: ECDSA/EC-Schnorr (SECP256K1, SECP256R1, Brainpool256R1, Brainpool256T1), EdDSA (Ed25519)
    • Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman: ECDH (SECP256K1, SECP256R1, Brainpool256R1, Brainpool256T1, Curve25519)
    • Symmetric Cryptography: DES, Triple-DES, AES with ISO9797M1, ISO9797M2, NOPAD schemes
    • Random Number Generation: RND, Prime RND (hardware support TRNG)

    Blockchain support

    • Bitcoin (COLU, Counterparty support)
    • Ethereum (ETH/ETC), tokens & contracts support
    • All bitcoin clones (Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zcash)
    • Ripple
    • Monero (in development)
    • Tendermint (in development)
    • Hyperledger (in development)
    • Sidechains (Liquid) (in development)

    *No wallet apps using Bluetooth are available for the moment.