Chart trading

Trade directly from the chart. Place an order by holding the desired price level. Drag the order to the new price to amend it.

Friendly order input

Manual order input for precise order parameters. Select current price in fiat or crypto-coins.

Technical analysis

Technical indicators, drawing on the chart, horizontal vertical or free-hand lines.

Secure trading

Only need permissions to buy, sell and view balance. No one has a right to withdraw.


Mercado Bitcoin added

Now you can trade Brazilian real on Mercado Bitcoin via TabTrader. Mercado Bitcoin is a Brazilian digital currencies company, first and a leader in LatAm. It is the largest Brazilian bitcoin exchange with over 180,000 …

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Buy Gold for BTC at Vaultoro

Time to diversify! Speculate or invest in Gold with BTC. Now Vaultoro exchange offers trading from mobile interface with TabTrader. You can get as little as 1 milligram. And the actual gold underlying is physically …

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EXMO added

Happy to announce that EXMO is now supported in our Android app for trading bitcoins. EXMO is a fast and reliable exchange with BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, BTC/RUB pairs. Low commission, secure trading and fast execution. Join …

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